Michael Baaden Discusses Mountain Bikes

December 7, 2012

An excellent form of fitness, mountain biking requires more stamina and strength than conventional forms of cycling. With their fat wheels and sturdy tires, mountain bikes are designed to travel through rocky terrains. As mountain biking has grown in popularity, its equipment and gear have grown in complexity and options.

Those interested in buying a mountain bike should consider their level of experience and the price of the bike. Mountain bikes run between a few hundred and several thousand dollars, and they are generally upgradable. Consumers should also decide on the type of bike they want. Rigid and made for off-road trails with light obstacles, cross-country mountain bikes come in hardtail and full-suspension models. For those who enjoy going down mountains, downhill mountain bikes offer speed and stability. Trail mountain bikes, dirt jump mountain bikes, and multi-purpose freeride mountain bikes are just some of the other available styles.

About the Author:

The Director of Sales at Reliable Office Machines, Michael Baaden formerly served as a Classroom Teacher with the New York City Department of Education. During his spare time, Mr. Baaden enjoys mountain biking.


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