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Inside Sales and Outside Sales, By Michael Baaden

February 17, 2013

Although the two involve similar techniques, inside and outside sales entail many differences as well. The fundamental difference between them lies in the nature of transactions performed. In an inside sale, the customer comes to buy a product from a specific sales location. In an outside sale, on the other hand, the sales person approaches the potential customer.

An array of related differences stem from this basic division. These differences have service and cost implications. For example, customers incur expense with inside sales because they invest time and money to come to a particular location. As it therefore stands to reason, outside sales equal added expense for businesses, which must equip sales professionals and send them beyond the office.

Growth of the worldwide web, in general, and the development of particular technological developments such as virtual meetings have encouraged many businesses to adopt the inside sales tactic. According to research, 75 percent of the time customers prefer virtual engagement over in-person consultations. In addition, sales professionals are 150 percent more efficient after eliminating travel time from their budgets.

About the Author: Michael Baaden is Director of Sales at Reliable Office Machines.