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“Bridging the Gap from Phone to Printer,” by Michael Baaden

December 23, 2012

Many users of smartphones and tablets have had the experience of suddenly being pulled down to earth from the wireless sky by the need to print a file. Indeed, nothing says “mobile” less than a clunky printer, seemingly chained in place by a group of tangled cables.

For some time, printer manufacturers have tried to catch up with the sea of change in technological mobility by developing web-enabled printers, but without much success. One always needed auxiliary equipment to make them work, such that printers have remained by and large tied to desktop PCs.

But new technologies developed by Hewlett-Packard and other leading companies are allowing printing capabilities to catch up to the wireless age. The newest models allow direct printing from tablets and smartphones, without a PC “middleman.” Now, when you set out on a business trip armed with just your smartphone, you can expect fewer obstacles when you need to print at your destination. These devices are sure to have a major impact on the business technology market this year.

About the author: Michael Baaden is a technology sales manager at Reliable Office Machines in Patchogue, New York.